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32-2 doesn't play

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[Post New]by bfgBellerophon on May 2, 17 12:39 PM
Hi Maussie60,

Welcome to the forums! I'm sorry to hear that there is some trouble with Seoul, Level 32-2. If you are having trouble getting through this particular level, it is recommended to work with the bottom portion of the board first. What I found helped was to try and make enough space to create a boost such as either a line crush, bomb, or Lightning Bolt Boost. Once I was able to create any of these options, I found that it was easier to clear the bottom half of the board of not only the chained gummies, but the tiles as well.

If you find that you are having trouble getting this particular level to start on your device, please look at the following Big Fish Games Help pages for troubleshooting steps that are specific to your platform:

Performance & Connection Issues

After trying the suggested troubleshooting steps if you find that the issues continue to persist, please reach out to our Gummy Drop Support Team with the email address that is connected to your game. Just in case it's needed, I'll include how to obtain that information:

What is an in-game ID?

The great thing about Gummy Drop! is that with enough reports of certain levels, we can work with the teams to help fine tune them.

In the meantime, if you have trouble getting through certain levels, it is recommended to post in the designated city threads. This will help to organize the forums and other players and moderators would be able to provide assistance. Please refer to the main directory as well as Seoul link below:

Gummy Drop! City Directory - START HERE TO FIND LEVEL HELP
Seoul - Level Help

Good luck! If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or any of the Active Moderators. We are happy to help in any way that we can.


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