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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Downtown Secrets

[Post New]by Tikatoy on Aug 15, 11 10:42 PM
(Mild story spoilers)

- Interesting, suspenseful plot with likable characters.
- Gorgeous effect when activating the ring that lets you see into the past, starting with the shadowy images of people whizzing around, and the sort of distorted streaky light that suffuses the scene from the past.
- Logically placed objects in the hidden object scenes for the most part that are small, but clearly visible.
- Puzzles were of average difficulty and some original approaches to standard puzzles, e.g. instead of a jigsaw, you overlay partial images drawn on transparent plastic sheets to form a whole image.
- The city by night setting had a moody, noir atmosphere.

- One of the shorter games I've played. Finished it in three sittings so I don't know exactly how long I took but it was less than three hours--probably two.
- Not that many puzzles.
- Story felt unfinished; I know this is common for HOGs (to lead into the sequel), but usually you can sense it coming in other games. In this game, because it was so short, the ending really did feel abrupt.

The bottom line:
Interesting story, unique "look into the past" game mode/effects and atmospheric city setting made this a good game, but short game length and abrupt ending took it down a few notches.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Downtown Secrets

[Post New]by dobbiemijnboekje on Sep 10, 11 5:20 AM
I liked this game very much. Only I don't understand why people find it hard to find the objects? They where very clear to me.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Downtown Secrets

[Post New]by SeaBamboo on Jul 16, 12 2:29 AM
If, like me, you love a good hidden object game then this game from Shining Tales might be your cup of tea; the graphics are really clear & crisp & the artwork is splendid. There are no voiceovers & the music wasn’t so great but I used my own.

The hidden objects are within the main scenes although you also have to delve into cupboards & drawers, there are no sparkles so watch for your cursor to change. The hint will show a picture of the item you are searching for & it recharges in 30 seconds.

Part way into the game you will get a ring that can be used to see the locations in previous time frames; once you elect to use it the cursor changes & as you move around the scene invisible objects become visible & you can click on them.

There are a few puzzles to break up the HOs a little, they are not too hard.

I found that if you leave the game part way through finding a list of objects in a scene it is not saved so that when you return you have to start the list again. The game is also very short; it took me less than two hours to play so I advise waiting for a sale to buy.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Downtown Secrets

[Post New]by boobailey on Jan 15, 13 4:27 PM
Nope!!! I didn't like this game. HOS repeated the same things over and over. The story was dumb. The graphic's dull. Boring. I couldn't wait for this game to END. The puzzles didn;t explain how to very well. Don't waste your mney!!!!!!!!!!

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