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[Post New]by Dominick_Fontana on Jan 18, 13 10:21 PM
Hi, MissMoraduke.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the game! You see it's a tricky situation when a game has bugs for some people and not for others, as this game has. When a game has bugs for everyone, then everyone complains. When there are no bugs, then you just concentrate on the gameplay. But this is a hybrid situation, with bugs for some and not for others, so it's very frustrating.

There is an updated version of the game out and hopefully that will cure my problems. I'll report back here on my results.

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[Post New]by Creepycrawler on Feb 2, 13 3:02 PM

Just finished this game and I'll have to say that I loved it. The story was unique and I absolutely loved the puzzles! I have not bought a HOG game in awhile because I think the quality of most of the games has gone down hill. The games are just not challenging enough. I definitely will purchase the first nightmare realm game. The bonus level was awesome too.

I loved the detailed graphics and the story-line. Looking for more games like this one, even more difficult please. The puzzles were too easy but I know you are appealing to a larger audience. Good games are hard to find now a days! Thanks!

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Re:Hello from developers!

[Post New]by NiceZombie on Feb 6, 13 12:17 AM
Just finished - loved this game, it was excellent!

Very beautiful visuals and mystery atmosphere, lovely HO scenes, very interactive and fun puzzles. I really loved the interactivity in the HO scenes. Collecting origamis was fun too!


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[Post New]by msconduct on Feb 11, 13 3:55 AM
Hi Vlad! I loved your game so much I joined the forums just to give you feedback . Congratulations on an amazing game. Like you, I am an adventure gamer from way back (LucasArts/Sierra days) and I think with this game you have nudged the genre in the adventure direction in just the right way. You've tried to get beyond the HOS/find random object/do random thing with random object formula and have created a beautiful, fascinating game that requires some thought to progress in, but is not so difficult that you are forever hopelessly stuck and relying on the walkthrough like in so many of the old adventure games. I loved the way you handled the HOSes and although I'm bored these days in general by them yours were so well done I could play them all day. I also loved many of the puzzles, particularly the ones where you have to do several things and you have to figure out what they are and in what order you have to do them. I also loved the Drawn-style elements, since the Drawn series are my favourites.

Negatives? Well, some of the puzzles we've seen too often before (you really can't get away with Tower of Hanoi any more, I could do it in my sleep! Same with the one where you measure liquids between three containers). I would like to have been able to change the difficulty level during the game - once I started, I wanted to make it harder to spin out the game as long as possible, but I couldn't find a way of doing that. I also found the game frustratingly unresponsive at first, because you have so many little animations every time you do something that it makes moving around slower than my natural playing pace. I learned to slow down and take it at the game's pace rather than my pace, but it was still a bit frustrating.

The worst negative, however, is that games such as yours spoil me for others! Going back to random HOSes/random tasks is going to be a real struggle. Congratulations again to you and your team - the love and care you have put into the game really show and are very much appreciated.


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[Post New]by Dominick_Fontana on Mar 8, 13 1:51 AM
Hi, Vlad.

I posted this in the Technical Issues thread, but I wanted to also post it here to make sure you saw it. I didn't see anyone else post this, so it obvioulsy didn't happen to everyone, but it happened to me. There is a bug in the Bonus chapter. I am guessing here, but I think when you looked in the bushes you had to pick up a branch and a little animal. I picked up the little animal first. Maybe other people picked up the branch first and that's why they didn't encounter the bug. I have been trying to finish this game for a month now. The new bug is listed below:

New Bug In Bonus Chapter:

Unbelievable, but I am reporting another bug. With the original game, I encountered the chessboard bug and couldn't continue the game. Then I got the update, but had to start the game over. This time, the chessboard bug was fixed and I could finish the game. Then guess what happened? There is a bug in the Bonus chapter, so I couldn't finish it.

Here is the bug in the Bonus chapter:

Early in the Bonus chapter, you look in the bushes and give a cookie to a little animal. Then you pick up the animal. Well, I picked it up, but the animal did not go into my inventory. There is a blank box in my inventory where the little animal should be. There is an item to the left and right of the blank box, but no animal. I checked dozens of times and the animal is not still in the bushes and I did not do anything wrong. So, I don't have the animal, even though I picked it up, and I can't power the bubble machine with it, so I can't continue the game.

This is very frustrating. The game needs another update to fix this bug. I already uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it didn't fix it. Hopefully, there will be an update soon.


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[Post New]by Dominick_Fontana on Mar 15, 13 1:51 AM
Well, we have one of those issues again because I have had nothing but problems with this game, but not everyone has had those problems, so the devs don't fix it. Their game is very, very bug-ridden for many people. If you check the beginning of this thread, you'll see all the problems. With the initial release, it played fine for some people, but for myself and others, there was no Strategy Guide in the game. The interface didn't include it. Then there was the chessboard problem, and a bunch of other problems. Now I reported the Bonus chapter problem, but apparently not everyone had that problem because nobody else mentioned it here. I gave my guess why not everyone had the problem. As I said, you have to pick up a branch and a little animal. I think if you pick up the branch first and then the animal, you don't encounter the bug. But I picked up the little animal before the branch and the animal didn't appear in my inventory, so I couldn't continue the bonus chapter. Is this bug going to be fixed? Not having a necessary item appear in your inventory is a major bug in the game. And I can't just start the bonus chapter over. I would have to create a new profile and replay the entire game, just to be able to try the bonus chapter again. This is very frustrating and the devs should issue a quick fix that will allow me to continue the bonus chapter. I have been trying to complete this game for 2 months now.

Thank you.

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Re:Hello from developers!

[Post New]by Sprattie on May 3, 13 7:06 PM
I enjoyed the first Nightmare Realm game and was looking forward to more of the same, and indeed in this one I saw a lot of the creativity and freshness of the first one. I ran out of steam during this demo and will have to do some thinking about buying the game. It had a number of interesting bits - the tree and garden bursting into colour was a draw for sure - but the whole demo was spoiled by the fact that the game is not in any way Mac-friendly. I look for gameplay that advances with a touch of the mouse pad and not by jamming my fingers into the pad constantly to click and then drag my fingertips till they blister. Unfortunately that's the case here. I can't imagine another 3 or 4 hours of this.

This may have been a download problem or a bug, but I'm not motivated to uninstall and reinstall to see if that has any effect. Maybe I'll try the SE when it comes out and see if there's any difference. In the meantime, no buy and no blisters.

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Re:Hello from developers!

[Post New]by WilJul on May 4, 13 12:35 AM
Absolutely lovely game and enjoyable game play! This is truly one of the best games I have played in a while.

My one complaint - Please, please, please, with the next game you release, make it a dual Mac/Pc release. Most developers have adopted this by this point and you may be the last developer (other than occasionally Big Fish themselves) to still release the Mac version many months after the PC release. I thank you.

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