Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Royal Envoy Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Classicaljazz on Jul 31, 13 4:14 PM
It has been a long time since I've enjoyed one of my games as much as I have been enjoying my Royal Envoy CE. Have played it through once with all gold in first round, expert round and the 30 extra bonus levels.

After all that, I still hadn't had enough of it, so I started through again with a new profile and have finished with all gold in the first round and the expert round. I am now working on the 30 extra bonus levels and have gold on 18 of them so far.... just 12 more to go.

I highly recommend this game. I don't usually have much interest in time management games, but this one is very different than most I've tried... more of a mixture of strategy and striving to achieve certain goals. It is great!

Even if you don't finish a level soon enough to earn a gold star, you can still continue to play, taking as long as you wish. So even those who don't like to work against the clock might enjoy it. (Except in the 30 bonus levels, only 10 levels are open initially. You must then achieve 7 gold stars to open up the next 10 levels and then 8 additional gold stars to open up the final 10 levels.)

The only negative point with me is that I feel for the CE price, the walkthrough for the bonus levels should be included in the game. If you get stuck on any of them, you must go elsewhere to get hints to help you. But, even with that, I am so happy I bought the game. It is so much fun!


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