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[Post New]by cgrcowboy on May 22, 10 11:05 PM
I found "Eternity" to be a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10. The scenarios were clever, but I found it very difficult to figure out the next move and had to use the hint button a lot, which I usually never have to do. The puzzles were either really easy, or down right impossible. Contrary to some comments I've read about " being told what to do by a bunch of men" (ha ha), I found it refreshing to have men in a game since almost all of them have female lead characters. (Such and such female lead is trying to find such and such lost relative). Artwork is so-so. One more thing; there are a lot of typos in the text which is one of my pet peeves.


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[Post New]by greenfish22 on May 23, 10 6:39 PM
Sorry....... I found this game quite boring. Waiting for something really cool, like RTR or Syberia.

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Re:Your Comments and Review for Eternity

[Post New]by Euskalduna on May 24, 10 8:22 AM
Another unfinished game. Easy as it seems, no way I can get the stupid mouse caged. I have tried about 20 times, no way, so I am stupid. Why in heaven can't the developers add a "skip puzzle" option? I am taking note of the developer, so I can avoid their games in the future. No way they will get another cent out of me.

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[Post New]by HectorsHouse on May 24, 10 11:24 AM
I really dislike this game. I was talked into buying it by my daughter but it is so irritating. You can click on the same area many times with the correct item but still nothing happens. Don't waste your money on this one.

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Re:Your Comments and Review for Eternity

[Post New]by qpr1 on May 27, 10 4:41 PM
i am enjoying the game so-far, i am at "robin hood" however the developers of this game really should have read a few history books before finalizing this game! 1066 is one of the most famous dates in british history, the battle of hastings not red dog!!!! in the sixth century segment "defend the castle" there were NO castles ! and that armour is 12-13 century!! as i said before enjoyable, fairly easy game.

but come on developers read your history!!!!!!!!!!


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[Post New]by wvgirl48 on May 28, 10 11:35 AM
I pretty much like this game and was doing fine till I got to the Robin Hood segment - when I get to the very end of it and you are supposed to stir the ashes with the crowbar to get the key thereby getting the gold to give to Robin - it just WILL not work - when I try to stir the ashes with the crowbar it WILL not work - so I am stuck!! What do I do now??????????? I haven't needed the walkthrough till now - and it isn't helping at all with this - just says stir the ashes with the poker!!
Any suggestions? I even tried restarting the game and same thing happens????THANKS

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Re:Your Comments and Review for Eternity

[Post New]by Shastanna on May 30, 10 8:54 AM
I bought this game and totally regretted it. Should have paid more attention to some of the reviews.

For me, it was confusing what I was supposed to be doing where, which is annoying. If I don't know what I'm looking for, how am I supposed to find it!

When I did know what I was supposed to do, it wouldn't let me place the pieces anywhere because they had to be "assembled" first. Don't even ask me how long it took me to figure that out.

The puzzles weren't hard, but some of them were so anal about where to click and move the pieces I just finally gave up in frustration. It was pretty boring too, so....well you get the gist.

Sorry, not fun for me.

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Your Comments and Review for Eternity

[Post New]by lajc3 on May 31, 10 7:01 AM
bfgFlounder wrote:Hey Fishies! What do you think of Eternity? We value your reviews, as do many of the other fishies in our pond, so feel free to post your comments, opinions, hints and tips in this thread!

Remember, a lot of people who will be reading this thread will have never played the game before. If you are posting spoilers, be sure to include SPOILER ALERT at the top of your post.

Happy gaming!


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Re:Your Comments and Review for Eternity

[Post New]by Janie42 on Jun 1, 10 7:50 PM
Bought Eternity 15 min into demo & am absolutely delighted with it! In fact, some negative reviews surprise me; most adventure game enthusiasts will really enjoy it IMHO.

Storyline & gameplay are fun & entertaining -- built around numerous quest scenes in different time-eras where you must use a combination of logic, common sense & guessing to achieve the objectives.

Graphics, music & controls are all attractive.

Especially the characters' appearances & comments are frequently hillarious!

I love that there is little/no hand-holding yet a good hint system.

Also, it's great to play 2 profiles so you can secure a better score doing the scene the 2nd time.

Thanks Lazy Turtle Games & BFG.
I hope to see more games like this, please!

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Re:Your Comments and Review for Eternity

[Post New]by tinyzac on Jun 2, 10 5:16 PM
this game sucks -------was enjoying it until got to push these in buttons in following order not happy -----big fish ------please fix

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Re:Your Comments and Review for Eternity

[Post New]by emery419 on Jun 9, 10 10:40 PM
I liked it well enough during the one-hour trial that I used a game credit to purchase it. Then the chapters kept getting shorter and sillier as the game went on. Some of the dates were way off, like the 16th century for Robin Hood, when he was more like the 11th or 12th. Also, there were many misspelled words, like the person who wrote the text was either not fluent in English or just couldn't spell. It was a Hidden Object Game in the loosest sense of the word; there just weren't that many **** scenes. But the ones it had were pretty cleverly hidden -- not too hard and not too easy. For a game to be considered really good and for me to recommend it, it has to keep me interested for the whole game, and this just didn't. It wasn't terrible, but probably not worth paying for.


Re:Your Comments and Review for Eternity

[Post New]by erinjen on Jun 13, 10 10:46 AM
I have been sailing right along with this game UNTIL I got to the stone faces on the back wall. When I click on a stone face, I get a warning message. I have read the walkthrough for this portion, and it says nothing about a warning after each click of the stone faces. HELP!

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Re:Your Comments and Review for Eternity

[Post New]by jp8synth on Jun 15, 10 12:39 PM
Didn't like this game. Some of the puzzles didn't make sense. The spelling and grammar was childlike. The accurateness of the timeline vs. the setting was completely wrong (characters were placed in the wrong time period). The riddle was vague, not supported by any previous pointers in the story, and was completely nonsensical.

All in all, this game seemed like it was developed by a 12-year-old.

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Re:Your Comments and Review for Eternity

[Post New]by silverink on Jun 16, 10 7:05 AM
I'm not sure what to think about this game. On one hand, the graphics were excellent, and the adventure elements varied and fun. But on the other hand, the hidden object scenes were some of the strangest and worst I have seen - sometimes I couldn't even tell what I was looking at. And in some of the adventure scenes, I couldn't figure out what I was looking for...

So a lot of contradictions in the game design. It was a shame that so many of the excellent graphic scenes were so short lived, there were many great scenes, but you were only in them for seconds. Overall the game was short, some of the time zones went by very quickly - usually the best ones! The first caveman time zone was the worst and went on and on...

I had fun playing it, but can definitely see where improvements could have been made - including with the story line, which got lost along the way - then at the end - there was grandpa! I had forgotten all about him...

Overall, the game just didn't have focus in my opinion, it was all over the place. With some fine tuning (and much improved hidden object scenes) it could have been a very good game - but there are a lot of great games out there right now that offer up a much more cohesive and enjoyable experience.

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Re:Your Comments and Review for Eternity

[Post New]by TnTexas on Jun 20, 10 3:41 PM
The following comments are based solely on the demo:

- beautiful graphics
- the results of smaller puzzles worked together to solve bigger ones
- the easy mode reduced the frustration level by identifying the objectives for each scene
- hints were unlimited and the refill time for them wasn't annoyingly long
- items in the HOG scenes made an effort to fit the storyline and time; they didn't have the feel of being tacked on just for the fun of it
- no penalties during the HOG scenes for too many non-productive clicks in a row
- movement between scenes was quick and easy

- the HOG scenes were junkpilish in nature and a bit fuzzy, making it hard to identify some of the objects
- the levels seemed to go by pretty quickly, but I'm sure a lot of that was due to the fact that the kids and I played it in the easy mode. I hear the classic mode doesn't give you as much guidance as the easy one does so I'm sure the scenes take longer in it.

Will Probably Appeal To: those who like iHOGs

Will Probably Not Appeal To: those who like straight HOGs; those who dislike HOGs in any shape, form, or fashion

Overall Impression: The kids and I thoroughly enjoyed the game. The way it's set up reminded us quite a bit of Azada: Ancient Magic so if you've played that one, you have an idea of what to expect here. (And if you enjoyed this game, you might consider checking that one out.) The graphics are really nice and the limitless hint system assures you that you won't get stuck at some point and have to abandon the game. We enjoyed the challenge of trying to find the items we needed for one scene in another and then using those results as the answer to another one. This one's definitely going on our "Buy" list.


Re:Your Comments and Review for Eternity

[Post New]by Glitzzzz on Jun 27, 10 8:40 AM
I like playing it but am stuck with the stupid mouse. I can't get him cornered. WHY isn't there a skip button in this game? I know the programmers can make one where it shows up after so many tries. Why not in this games. Makes me NOT want to Play it.
Upsets me terribly that you can't get pass the obstacles even with the walkthrough. And the walkthrough does not tell you how to do it just gives a pic. Kinda hard when the dumb mouse counters your every move. It just says to box it in.

Glitz who wants skip buttons on games after at least 5 tries.

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Re:Your Comments and Review for Eternity

[Post New]by lauramarie8 on Jul 1, 10 4:26 PM
gimmegames wrote:I'm going to have to play the last half of this demo at a later date... Blame it on PMS if you like, but I just want to tell these presumptuous men to get bent... You want *me* to build you a *what*? I agreed to help Grandpa - not every freakin guy throughout time who can't even be bothered to say "please"...

Update: I finished the demo. It's ok. It's quick and easy to change scenes with this interface, which I like. Starting to get more used to the rationale this game uses - it's not always easy to figure out what you need to do - at least not at first. There's objectives for each scene and hints, and I think it probably gets easier to interpret those as you go along. And of course, the check mark on the scene when you're thru with it is very helpful.

Someone else mentions not figuring out the right and left side of the time machine. It's that thing hanging toward the back with the green spiral tubing around it and the pointy ball at the bottom on the left - you're supposed to build up the one on the right side to match it. Took me a frustrating while to figure that out myself - and possibly a few hints...

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Re:Your Comments and Review for Eternity

[Post New]by mcquigan on Jul 19, 10 5:43 PM
I'm another that bought, and regret it. I play a lot of adventure games, so am usually pretty good at figuring out what to do next; not so with this game. Too many times I found myself randomly clicking, trying to make something happen because I didn't have a clue.

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Re:Your Comments and Review for Eternity

[Post New]by marg6043 on Jan 3, 12 4:25 PM
This is a fantastic looking game for its type, but no very easy to play, I bought it on sale and I definitely got my money worth.

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Re:Your Comments and Review for Eternity

[Post New]by JulieJay on Jan 25, 12 5:44 AM
I thoroughly enjoyed this game (demo) although on checking the walkthrough to try and determine length of game I was disappointed to note that I had in fact completed just over half the game in the hour demo which probably makes the total length at 2 hours max. If it ever comes on sale then it's a definite buy but won't pay full price for such a short game.

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