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Your Comments and Review for Big Brain Wolf

[Post New]by LizzieK on Jun 9, 10 3:07 PM
This is a refreshingly funny adventure game with lots of brain teasing puzzles. It has clever jokes, a very funny witty story line and a great mix of odd ball characters.

This is not a game that you should rush through. There are many items to click on that aren’t needed to advance the game play but it is much more enjoyable if you click on everything and listen to the comments, quips and satire. The humor is outstanding. The story is so well written and is a quirky blend of mystery, romance, loyalty, greed, compassion, and the basic good verses evil.

The game art work is in a very well done cartoon style. Some of the character’s facial expressions are as funny as their comical dialogues.

The only negative was that the hints sometimes are not very helpful. There are several puzzles involving the game of chess and although I have never played chess. I was able to solve all the puzzles. So don't let that bother you.

Over all this is a great game that lasts a long time and makes you laugh along the way.

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