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42 help

[Post New]by missyf46 on Jun 9, 10 4:35 PM
I can't get passes 42. I would like some tips


Re:42 help

[Post New]by Skt373 on Aug 23, 10 6:49 AM
Me too, can't seem to get past 12 or 13 thousand points.


Re:42 help

[Post New]by bowlingnut456 on Apr 20, 11 4:50 AM
I'm also having a hard time with this level. No matter how hard I try I get beat it. HELP!!


Re:42 help

[Post New]by Lorrie28 on Aug 28, 11 2:30 AM
Same here! I've tried and tried and I can't seem to beat it. Any help or tips at all would be appreciated.

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