[Post New]by TatsToo1 on Jan 22, 18 8:35 AM
Again Big Fish wants to pay back any moneys I have paid, but again I will have to start the game over. Nobody seems to know how to repair their mistakes in this game and it sounds like Big Fish hasn't got a grip on any of it's games! I am told that because Big Fish KNOCKS out a game a day, it doesn't make sure that each and every game actually works!! Thus, if it doesn't work how can you collect money to play games (rubys, coins, ect) I'm sure that could be considered illegal. If you can't repair the games you already have online then you should stop making new games!




[Post New]by Fred_just_Fred on Jan 22, 18 11:01 AM
TatsToo1, if you noticed near the top of this forum, there will be no more updates. Since that is the case, the "mistakes" will NOT be fixed. I think it's great that Big Fish will pay back your money spent. Take it and spend it on some OTHER game. There are a lot of good ones out there - Midnight Castle is one of them. Big Fish has no control over the "fixes" in the game. It's up to the developers. Wanderland could have been a great game, but it's not. Time to move on and enjoy those other games!!!

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[Post New]by JulietxJules on Jan 23, 18 8:21 AM
If Big Fish is willing to reimburse all your money spent then there is nothing for you to be disgusted about. Big Fish has done the right thing by offering you a refund and it's time to move on to other/better games. Your complaint should be directed at the appropriate party, and that would be Artogon - they are the game developers and thus carry ultimate responsibility for each and every one of their games.

In actual fact, a valuable lesson has been learned here.

I will leave it to you to realise what that lesson is.

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[Post New]by bfgIlinalta on Jan 24, 18 5:19 PM
Hello TatsToo1,

Thanks for letting us know how your experience has been. Please continue to work with our Reps, who would be happy to assist since it appears that there's been trouble with your game and account. We definitely want to do our best to do right by our players, and it sounds like you were offered a refund for the purchases made since we're unable to get those back to you.

The tools necessary to provide the assistance requested were not provided to our Support Team by the teams behind the game. As such, it appears our Reps have requested your input on how best to proceed, with refunding your unavailable purchases being one of those choices. I recommend keeping in touch with our teams for further assistance with your purchases since it sounds like progress was lost and that our Reps are unable to restore it.

Furthermore, as JulietxJules and Fred_just_Fred have stated, the hard decision was made to no longer offer updates for this game. This means that persistent technical issues that were previously reported, but needed an update to resolve, may still persist in the game unless that decision is changed in the future. For more information about that, please read our announcement below:

An important announcement regarding Wanderland - December 11, 2017

As this is an issue best handled with the Support Team you were in touch with and is discussing technical issues for the game, I'm going to lock this thread. Players are free to discuss technical issues in the appropriate threads for the game they are experiencing them in. This game's particular thread is linked below:

Please post your TECH ISSUES for Wanderland here

Thank you for your patience and time. If there are any further questions, please feel free to PM me or any of our other active Moderators. We are all happy to listen and help out as best we can.


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