Sweets help

[Post New]by Schmegs24 on Jan 22, 18 10:58 AM
I have played thru the bonus chapter three times and I can not find one of the sweets. I have the donut, the cupcake, the caramel sticks, ????, the pastry with berries and icing that looks like flowers, and the round ball with white icing stripes that talks about chocolate on the card. This is driving me crazy???


Re:Sweets help

[Post New]by whitlo75 on Apr 18, 18 11:16 PM
I've played twice and the first time I didn't receive all the treats. In the strategy guide, under the "collectibles" section, the sweets are outlined in a yellow or purple box. When I finished the game the 2nd time, I had all of the sweets or treats and the achievement when I found all of the fortune cookies. I'm pretty sure getting the fortune cookies was the reason I got the achievement because It was one of the cards I received for that section and not on the first game I played.

Also, just to be sure, you might want to take 2 bites of the strawberries beside Lilly's bed at the hospital.

Hope this helps.

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