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Cant deal with this game..

[Post New]by colieleigh on Jun 10, 10 9:21 AM
I purchased (unfortunately) this game and it is just too much. There are about a million different things to toggle through... the way you view restaraunt and go back and forth is just nauseating... You cant keep up with complaints very well b/c they are again hidden by a toggle button... You never know you are doing something wrong until the uncle guy comes back after you've messed up and tells you how to do it differently... seems like the tutorial takes forever and they teach you as you go... frustrating and nerve racking. Not a fan of this one.

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Re:Cant deal with this game..

[Post New]by Branes on Apr 22, 12 6:20 AM
Here's a tip for the early scenarios. Ignore all complaints. You can't do anything about them anyway. All employees are rude before they get trained and that's not until Scenario 4. Don't worry about your menu right now.

It seems to me to be a kind of cruel thing to have all those complaints when you can't possibly address them. It makes you feel that you're failing when you're actually not. I've found many of these tycoon type games do this automatically. They present you with apparent challenges you're not capable of meeting at that time.

You're main concern is hiring the best staff and making sure you have enough captains and servers to keep the food coming out in time. For the first scenario, 2 servers is plenty. I hired a third and another captain for scenario three because you now have the upstairs to contend with. Also hire an additional kitchen worker to operate the dumbwaiter.

In Scenario 3, you're going to lose the competition the first time no matter how many mini-games you win. Once you do, go back to your Uncle's house. He'll give you an improved recipe for the next time. One tip I found. Don't try to win the competition too soon. Let a couple of months go by first. You have until Sept. Use that time to build up your cash.

You can make the tutorial move at whatever pace you want, if you're a fast reader..just click the next button.

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