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[Post New]by ctitus on Jan 23, 18 6:01 AM

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[Post New]by bfgBeruna on Jan 23, 18 9:52 AM
Hello Everyone,

I'm swimming by to thank everyone for their patience as the Moderation Team works to remove spam posts from this forum. We recognize how spam posts disrupt the natural flow of game-related conversation, and we strive to remove these posts as quickly as we can.

Before swimming away, I'd like to quickly remind everyone of the Forum Rules, especially:

Do not respond to or comment on posts or discussions that break the rules. Report the post or discussion to a moderator. Contributing, even to mention that something breaks the rules, keeps that discussion visible and aggravates the problem.

Since spam posts break the rules, we ask players not to reply to or discuss them. Instead, please PM someone from the Moderation Team, and they'll handle the matter as quickly as possible. Thank you all for your help with this.


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