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Grim Tales: The Time Traveler Collector's Edition

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Jan 25, 18 12:29 AM
Big Fish Editor's Choice! This title was selected for its exceptional quality and overwhelmingly positive reviews from our Game Club beta testers.

Elephant Games proudly presents another exciting chapter in their classic series Grim Tales!

Anna Gray is on her way to a family barbeque when disaster strikes! After nearly dying in a car crash, she discovers someone has murdered her niece and nephew and intends to destroy the entire Gray Family. When Anna goes back in time to stop the villain, she discovers that the killer can travel through time too! Now that the tables are turned, can Anna stop the killer, or will her entire family be wiped out? Find out in this gripping hidden-object puzzle adventure game!

See what our Beta testers had to say:

“Once again Elephant has put out a great game. I just love the Grim Tales series. There are four different modes of play to choose from, an interactive map that lets you fast travel, and a tutorial which you can choose all or just special features. That is always a bonus! Graphics are great. There are mini games and hogs with different ways to play. I cannot wait for this game to come out and would recommend it to any and everyone.â€?  - Sean, Beta Tester

“I have all the Grim series and love them. The Time Traveler does not disappoint. The story line is really good and makes you want to play to the end. Love the graphics, music and games. Looking forward to playing the entire game.â€?  - Ann, Beta Tester


Re:Grim Tales: The Time Traveler Collector's Edition

[Post New]by djmadison64 on Jan 27, 18 11:43 AM
I love this series and have them all but what did they do to father!? He has been rather somber, a bit snarky and lovably gruff with a great, deep voice. This game has him sounding way too young, too helpful and too eager. I really miss the old voice and manner. Please bring father back the way he's supposed to sound.

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Re:Grim Tales: The Time Traveler Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Morgana33 on Feb 1, 18 7:49 AM
djmadison64 I'm with you on dear old dad, he sounds a bit of a wimp far to young and I too miss his sarcastic tones, it's a shame they had to ruin it. I was so looking forward to this addition and now am disappointed. I wish I had tried before buying cause I wouldn't have bought it , It's so annoying. I also wonder what the beta testers had to say about his voice??
I echo your request to bring him back how he's supposed to sound.

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Re:Grim Tales: The Time Traveler Collector's Edition

[Post New]by Tomsde on Feb 2, 18 6:46 PM
It appears that Richard is getting younger in each new chapter of the Gray Family saga--remember he started out very ugly and old looking in the beginning. I agree though, I wish they had kept his voice deeper. I don't know how far they intend to regress Richard's age unless it's for some purpose we don't know about for a future chapter. He's nicer because the curse that was placed on him when he was young has been lifted and he's gone from being evil to good. It seems this is all working toward's Richard's total redemption in the future--remember the bonus chapter in the last game--that accounted for a lot. I've played the game for a few hours and still love it though, this has become one of my favorite series. Elephant outdid themselves with the gorgeous animation and artwork--one of the best studios on Big Fish I think.

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Re:Grim Tales: The Time Traveler Collector's Edition

[Post New]by spiatt01 on Feb 8, 18 3:20 PM
Richard is getting younger and less witty. He kind of reminded me of my dad,so this time I was disappointed. The voice change also shocked me. Elephant Games is one of my fav game makers, I am always willing to try and buy their games. But, this one did not quite do it for me. Liked the animation and puzzles, but I guess the story line didn't grab me as usual. Still I recommend, because I may not have loved it, I did like it. Also I found the mini games fun.

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