Reading lamp

[Post New]by satesta on Jun 11, 10 8:50 PM
Where is the last piece of the reading lamp? I've moved all over the room but the piece doesn't even light up to indicate I can find it in that space. And do I need that to find the statue's head?

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Re:Reading lamp

[Post New]by puzzledone on Jun 11, 10 9:11 PM
Not sure which is "the last" piece of the lamp. Depends on which order you find them til you get all? Can't remember now because I had to do that twice, first time found them all and lamp was placed, then demo timed out. When I bought it and returned it had not saved that portion of the level. That second time I went nuts finding them, rooms kept saying nothing to do there and wasted so much time wandering in a loop. Maybe it was the last or one of them, a brass tube part was part of a wall lamp brass base. (?) but can't remember where the green shade finally turned up. It had dropped my ladder and statue head too from inventory. So I don't think it saves progress until you complete a level or task, maddening. Then the drawer was empty where I thought I had found the head. Finally got them all tho and played til level was finished before leaving.

Otherwise, I love the game. Did you check the SGuide? Discovered you can click on those tiny thumbnails and get a bigger picture of each to see. I usually like SGs better than detailed WTs but that time it wasn't much help. If they move objects around I guess that is good for replay when you CHOOSE to replay, I had no choice.

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Re:Reading lamp

[Post New]by mikaelcleto on Jun 11, 10 10:02 PM
Hi there satesta and puzzledone,

I remember placing back the ladder and clicking on it after.... The other piece of the lamp is found on a scene on top of the ladder. I hope that makes sense...

Let me know if your still having a problem.

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