Level 35

[Post New]by Janice1GaGirl on Jan 26, 18 8:38 AM
Need more tools to finish the level. Help!

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Re:Level 35

[Post New]by scorpio42 on Jan 29, 18 12:21 PM
The only answer I can suggest is for you to study the Strategy Guide and perhaps follow what it says to do for this level ... I did complete this entire game but did have to replay some levels numerous times before I finally finished them and that of course was by studying the Strategy Guide ... Maybe somebody has a better suggestion for you ... Good luck!

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Re:Level 35

[Post New]by LadyMorganFox on Feb 4, 18 8:54 AM
Normally, if you take all the resources from ALL the depositories, you are allow to finish the level with large time before the third star disappears.
But you have to empty ALL the depositories. No exception.
I finished the level with:
7 donuts - 0 paper - 2 glues - 3 ethers - 0 toolboxes

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