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To my neighbors

[Post New]by lady6691 on Jan 27, 18 2:42 AM
With the change at ROM it's time for me to toss my ROM notebook and return to the play of RL. (my husband will appreciate that hahaha!)
My greatest thank you to all my neighbors for the wonderful great play. Been a pleasure to part of your neighborhoods and you in mine.

Thank you Mare45 and Mhigham for your message in other post. And to Vulcaness for your info.

Much joy, love and happiness to you all!

Happiest of days...always,


Re:To my neighbors

[Post New]by AlexFred on Jan 27, 18 9:10 AM
Bye Bye my Laddy, I will miss you,
but you are right for yourself and your loved ones.

A big thank you for your joy, your good humor
and your great help during our meetings on ROM!
It has been a real pleasure to meet you.

Thank you very much for your message, and

Happy days to you too and your entourage!

Your devoted doll

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Re:To my neighbors

[Post New]by rilana58 on Jan 27, 18 9:34 AM
Bye Kim,
you were a great neighbour!
Good luck to you.

ps what is RL???????

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Re:To my neighbors

[Post New]by lady6691 on Jan 28, 18 1:24 AM
You both are wonderful! (As many others)
Thanks for making me smile... big.

I have great memories. Thanks for being part of them.


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