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The chest items-how to move

[Post New]by abdulz69 on Jan 27, 18 3:03 AM
You have two stones in this HOP. One is on the left and one is below the chest (to the left). You can move items out of the way to get the other playing card, the skull, etc.

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Re:The chest items-how to move

[Post New]by cjpandie on Feb 14, 18 5:17 PM
Yes, there are two stones in the HOP to move items to, to get them out of the way, to reach the items you need to match to another item. If the warning that there is no room on a stone, you need to move one of the items on one of the stones back into the chest. Moving the snake or the flower or the leaves, or the fang out of the way you can find the hidden items below the others. It can be done with moving items one by one. Hope this helps someone.

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