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Rose Riddle and early level

[Post New]by chrisd27 on Jan 27, 18 6:46 AM
I'm feeling a bit frustrated here, mainly because I can't tell which level I'm on and I can't work out how to solve the problem.

It's the first inside level where I have to get through a door that requires a key. The key seems to be in a room that I can only get to having first opened the door. I can't open the door to get they because I don't have the key.

Clearly I'm doing something wrong as other have got to later levels.

Any help would be welcome.

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Re:Rose Riddle and early level

[Post New]by ptg701 on Jan 27, 18 11:06 AM
That level is number 6. If you go to the kitchen and open the door to the study/library there is a key to the door of the last room.

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