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Level 28

[Post New]by gullbra on Jan 27, 18 3:38 PM
I always end up 2 rubbers short and cannot find any more . I can't make the last needed flame thrower

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Re:Level 28

[Post New]by LadyMorganFox on Feb 4, 18 12:31 PM
Uhm... Sounds pretty strange indeed.
Normally, you can collect 14 units of rubber.
You need to craft 6 rubber gloves (5 to pick up the monster berries, 1 to clean up the puddle of glue)
That will need 12 units of rubber and 18 units of glue.
It means that, at the end of the level, you must have 2 spare units of rubber.

Are you sure you don't use the rubber to craft a Mega-Vac, which is absolutely useless in this level?

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