[Post New]by quinbndahizzy1 on Jan 28, 18 4:06 PM
I have finished the woodlands and have got to level 120. I see no way to go any further...Please Help

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[Post New]by silver_hawk on Jan 31, 18 1:59 PM
It's been nearly a year since I've played this game. I'm only going off what I can remember.

First make sure you've completely finished the Woodlands. Every side road and every level to gold (complete all three tiers). Click your goals menu to make sure you've got everything needed to continue.

Can you get to the screen that shows islands where Brian's balloon is floating? Just to the left there should be a green arrow type button to take you into the Great Ocean world.

If you can't get in there perhaps there is something still needing to get completed in woodlands you may have missed.

If you are sure you're finished in the Woodlands and cannot open The Great Ocean you can try contacting Customer Support. You could try uninstalling then reinstalling the game as see if the issue shakes loose.

This game is riddled with glitches in the next two worlds so be prepared with some things not working as expected.

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