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[Post New]by stareis on Jun 13, 10 12:17 PM
i have looked for 2 days...have not found the last piece of paper in librairy....please help!!!

[Post New]by mikaelcleto on Jun 13, 10 3:49 PM
Hi stareis,

have you tried moving the ladder?

Let me know if your still having problems.

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[Post New]by chadilia on Jun 14, 10 1:49 AM
When I had 1 last thing to find, I just kept going to every possible location and hitting the "hint" button until it was finally revealed The hint may not work on things that are hidden behind another object, though. Sometimes you have to move things out of the way - when you see your cursor change to a hand you'll know to move it.

I think the trickiest newspaper piece is at the top of the ladder, inside something else I believe.

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