Lose time for clicks

[Post New]by Beronika1954 on Jun 13, 10 1:37 PM
You DO lose time for the clicking too much which makes me not want this game (combined with the timer.)

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Re:Lose time for clicks

[Post New]by lohr on Jul 1, 10 9:18 PM
I find it impossible to get some of the investigations in the time allotted. But when I can't get through the second time, I'm ready to throw the whole computer through the window. Then, as you say, when I'm clicking, probably more than I should, trying to go fast, the damn thing takes time away. I wonder when it will become clear to the people that make these things that they don't need to put the timers in. The people that are speed freaks will still go like lightning and the rest of us can enjoy the game, at our own speed. After the reason we spend money for these things is that we want to enjoy them.

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