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To the Moderator

[Post New]by jtrigg on Jan 31, 18 12:41 PM
Hi , should there be ads on this site? It seems to have been infiltrated

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Re:To the Moderator

[Post New]by bfgArinelle on Jan 31, 18 1:26 PM
Hi jtrigg,

Our Moderator team certainly understands how the presence of spam posts on the forums can be concerning. This is an ongoing issue that our Moderators continue to battle every day so we can help keep the forums a neat, organized place for our players. We do our best to locate and remove such posts as soon as possible; if it ever looks like we've missed on, please go ahead and PM a Moderator to let us know. You can also use the Report button (the one with the exclamation mark) on the post to send an alert to our Moderator team that it may need our attention.

For more information about the presence of spam and what our Moderators currently do to fight against it, please visit the following link:

An important announcement regarding spam posts - May 24, 2017

One thing I want to reassure is that the spam does not pose a direct security risk to our players. Since none of the links are clickable in those posts, players cannot accidentally click on something or go to a site they didn't choose to go to. We absolutely sympathize with the concern such posts cause, and we appreciate your patience and understanding while we work to locate and remove all of these posts.

Since this thread discusses a type of post that goes against our Forum Rules, I'm going to go ahead and lock it. If there are additional questions or concerns, please feel free to PM one of our Moderators. We'll be happy to provide any answers we can.


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