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In Judges Room- the "gavel puzzle"

[Post New]by capipe on Jun 13, 10 4:16 PM
huh? so, put gavel in 2 drawers and it opened to a bunch of pegs..put gavel in first peg and can't do anything plz!!!

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Re:In Judges Room- the "gavel puzzle"

[Post New]by Celeryhart on Jun 13, 10 4:41 PM
At first the gavel doesn't seen to want to move.. happened to me to. But it does.. just click on it and move it to the space maked on the calendar.. the first space is the number 2 I believe...that space background now turns green. Move the gavel to all the dates marked on the calendar.. and voila.. that does it..

Keep trying.. honestly it does move

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