Boonus level 10

[Post New]by engelchenwo on Jan 31, 18 11:31 PM
Hi I am stuck at Bonus Level 10 as I cannnot get around the "spokesmen" blocking the technical parts for the generator without receiving a baloon - but you need the generator to build the baloon factory.... All sounds pretty ridiculous in the end :-))

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Re:Boonus level 10

[Post New]by LadyMorganFox on Feb 4, 18 8:21 AM
Ehm... In fact, to build a balloon that makes you get rid of the Loki's spokemen, you just need 3 units of rubber and 1 unity of rope.
Then, you can craft a balloon, by clicking on the thunder icon, in the upper right of the screen.


Re:Boonus level 10

[Post New]by engelchenwo on Feb 10, 18 5:40 AM
Thanks -I completely forgot about this Feature.... :-)

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