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Spreading clouds glitch workaround

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Feb 2, 18 9:22 AM
I haven't seen this posted before, but it's happened to me in both Flying Fish Quest and Mystery Loss. Some levels have the obstacle that multiplies if you don't make a match next to it. In FFQ it's a squid ink tile and in ML it's a cloud tile. I've had it happen several times that if I click on a tile right as a cloud or ink tile grows on top of it, the board will then lock up to where I can't make any more moves. The workaround which I discovered purely by accident recently is this:

1) If you are in fullscreen you have to use the task manager to force the game to close. It's best to play this and FFQ in windowed mode, so when you reopen the game, change it to windowed in the game options.

2) ML has a bug where switching between fullscreen and windowed causes it to close too, so you might have to restart the game again if it closed on you.

3) If the clouds lock the board on you, click the red X at the top of your game window like you want to exit the game.

4) When the game asks if you want to quit or continue, click Continue.

5) This unlocks the board so you can play on.

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