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Level 28 - Expert Mode

[Post New]by cleep100 on Feb 2, 18 12:57 PM
Any tips for getting gold on this level in Expert Mode?

Which bonus buildings are best to build?

I can come close, but just can't complete everything in time.


Re:Level 28 - Expert Mode

[Post New]by freakyfrog2018 on Feb 25, 18 6:08 AM
Upgrade the storehouse fully as soon as possible and the goldmine. Best bonuses are the running shoes and extra person. Can win using different bonuses.
Start by building sawmill, upgrading tent, build bridge food hut and goldmine. You can build the 1st bonus before the bridge or after, it works both ways. After collecting lots of supplies build the village using 2 bonuses if you can, the shoes and extra pick. This can help your time but not necessary to win the level.

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