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How do you play WM games? As in, What's your style?

[Post New]by ajuma on Jun 15, 10 9:02 AM
Do you quit if you make a mistake? Do you use hints? Do you try to beat your time?

These games are SOOOO great! I usually try to get perfect on every level. If I make a mistake, I quit and start again....unless I'm in the 20x20 levels. SOMETIMES, if it's at the end and I have one mistake, I'll keep going.

How about you?

Edit: I don't need to know how to play...I've been playing this type of game since my beloved Gemsweeper came out!

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Re:How do you play WM games?

[Post New]by James_Kit on Jun 18, 10 5:36 AM
I try to play relaxed, don't care so far about mistakes, but I just started playing. Maybe later I'll do the same as you do and start quiting levels when I make mistake

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Re:How do you play WM games? As in, What's your style?

[Post New]by dvdiva on Jul 12, 10 2:53 AM
I'm such a perfectionist when playing World Mosaics. I get so annoyed when my hand slips and I click on the wrong square, that I simply HAVE to start again, even if I'm towards the end of a really large puzzle. So much for obsessive-compulsiveness. And even if I have the maximum number of hints, I refuse to use any! I would rather count all the tiles painstakingly, one by one, than resort to a hint. It's just my way of maximizing my play time, because I hate it when the game ends!

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Re: How do you play WM games? As in, What's your style?

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Sep 2, 11 9:29 PM
If I make a mistake, I resolutely ignore that information until I can get it by logic. Unless, of course, there's no way to finish otherwise. If ignoring is too messy, and I've essentially just started, I do Quit and start over. (I've never had a case where it was too messy and I was well into the puzzle.)

Besides that, I've incidentally answered in (of all places) the thread "Use of chisel?" in this forum: http://forums.bigfishgames.com/posts/list/123600.page

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