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Awesome Game

[Post New]by lydiajmack on Jun 16, 10 4:56 AM
I think this game is extremely well done. The graphics are absolutely beautiful, crisp and clear, story line is interesting and very well thought out. The puzzles were fun and not so hard you want to pull your hair out and there were even a few new and fun twists in there too.
I want to thank the developers for another perfect puppet game. I love the CE edition too. Love having the strategy guide built right in (I would buy all the games like this if they were offered)
My only suggestion for improvement would be when you are accessing the strategy guide during the game, that when you leave it to return to the game , that the page in the guide stays open to where you left it. In this case, the guide returns to the table of contents again so you have to do a bit of "next paging" to get back to where you were.
But Hey, small price to pay for such a beautifully well done game.

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