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Reviews for Incredible Dracula IV

[Post New]by TooOld2Play on Feb 4, 18 7:57 PM
I really wish people would only write reviews for the games that they have purchased. I was almost NOT going to buy this installment because of the negative reviews. I love it. I am having a great time playing it and yes, it is a challenge.
It is obvious that most of the reviews are based on the trial version which really doesn't do the game justice. They miss the origami/paper/plastic background to the concept. Glad I took a chance. I still think the first game was the best tho.


Re:Reviews for Incredible Dracula IV

[Post New]by sandtac on Feb 9, 18 8:19 PM
I have to agree this is a fun game and I am enjoying it as well as all the others.
I did however buy the full version.


Re:Reviews for Incredible Dracula IV

[Post New]by cottoncandy2 on Mar 7, 18 5:32 AM
I didn't enjoy this one as much as the last one. Some levels just have so much to do that it's sensory overload.

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