Beware serious bug

[Post New]by GreatLandshark on Jun 16, 10 12:48 PM
I run this game under vista 32 and try as hard as i could i was unable to move the ingrediants for the 1st spell. This is not an optional quest and the difficulty is a real dealbreaker for what looked to be a nice game.

If this game isnt patched avoid it like the plague...another reason companys Should use playtesters BEFORE releasing their games

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Re:Beware serious bug

[Post New]by bfgTigris on Jun 16, 10 3:04 PM
Welcome to the pond GreatLandshark!

We do our very best to test each game on a variety of computer types and configurations. However, even with an army of game testers working 24 hours a day we still would not be able to ensure that we test for every possible combination of Operating System, Video Cards and Software Updates that are used by everyone.

It may help to check for updates to your video card drivers and/or Direct X. Here is a link to a help article with more information. Game Crashing, Freezing and Blank Screen

You can also contact Customer Support by clicking on the green envelope to the right of the screen, and then clicking "Contact Us" at the bottom left of the next page. They will be able to troubleshoot with you to try and get your game going.


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Re:Beware serious bug

[Post New]by GreatLandshark on Jun 18, 10 8:56 PM
After reading the other forum messages I spent the rest of the demo time still working on spells. Yes you can make it move for me i was able to unstick the mouse by pressing both mouse buttons at the same time, but even then the response was not what one would call smooth. A game is suppose to be fun and perhaps provide a challange but that challange should never be getting the parts to move properly thats frustrating and a good way to turn people off your product fast. Not a problem with my machine or setup but a bug with the software.


Re:Beware serious bug

[Post New]by GreatLandshark on Jul 29, 10 9:11 PM
On June 20th I contacted the manufacturer directly ''
" I tried the demo of Kings legacy out from Big Fish’s service and tho I enjoy most of it, they making of spells was horrible. I know others were also complaining, it is extremely difficult to drag and place the ingredients just where you need them. Please tell me you are soon to fix this terrible problem in what looks to be a great game otherwise!"

on 7/1/10 I received this response
the problem has been fixed. BigFish will announce the new version soon.


this should fix alot of the troubles with spells, just waiting for the announcement from bigfish that the newest version is online?? How about it guys???????

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