More puzzles like this game has

[Post New]by elraz_3 on Feb 5, 18 9:20 AM
Just finished replaying this game, which I do from time to time because I love the puzzles. They are so much fun, I appeal to the game programmers to please start putting those kind of puzzles in your games. Maybe it's because I'm old, but sometimes I can't even understand the directions in solving the puzzles. I love hidden object games and have played here for years, but the games are getting very boring and predictable I think. Not trying to hurt any ones feelings, that is just my opinion. Does it always have to be supernatural ? Maybe a little more Sherlock Holmes (ish) ?

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Re:More puzzles like this game has

[Post New]by mcquigan on Feb 5, 18 10:15 AM
Sherlock is the best!
The Agatha Christie games are great too, unfortunately BFG no longer offers my favorite ones for sale.
There is an adventure gaem, so no HO, but who knows, you might like at

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