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Saved or Play?

[Post New]by LoisR on Jun 16, 10 7:03 PM
If I have a Saved game, can I click Play to start a new game WITHOUT it automatically deleting the existing Saved game?

I'm still on my first game -- up to level 409 -- score over 14 million -- and I'd like to play something else for a while. But I have a lot of time invested in the Saved one and don't want to lose it.

(I'm currently stuck on a word between CORK and RICE from the letters ROCKIER.) Until I figure this word out, I am not sure if I can play anything else.

What say? Can you Save one and still Play another?

Thanks in advance for your expertise.

-- Lois R.


Re:Saved or Play?

[Post New]by OrganicGamer on Aug 21, 13 11:41 PM
I know this is an old post, but it may help someone. See how great the Anagrammer site is?

(There are oodles of words that aren't in Jig Words, including some of these, but it's still a super fun and addictive game to play!)


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