i'm stuck please

[Post New]by LucianStefan on Jun 17, 10 3:39 AM
i'm roumain sorry for errors of writing how pick up the knife, ocher,apple? at tuya?

must remedy a man with that spell how? please i,m disperate


Re:i'm stuck please

[Post New]by lolalitamexico on Jul 1, 11 3:22 AM
you need to go into the far room and get bitten by the snake. then pick up knife gum etc, use knife to cut the apple. you need to follow the recepie for a cure for the bite.

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Re:i'm stuck please

[Post New]by Sergeij on Jun 25, 12 8:59 AM
You also need to take the large jug at right of Tuya's door and then break it with the dolerite ball you have in inventory. Then, take one of the broken pieces (in the middle).

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