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Cannot exit game

[Post New]by Beehead on Feb 6, 18 12:25 PM
Cannot exit the game in Avalon Legends Solitaire 2.

I purchased and downloaded it in 2018.

I looked everywhere for an exit game button. Found nothing. Tried again and again.

I had to 'hard quit' by going to desktop, and closing the game file completely.

It seems a curious omission.

I see there was a thread closed in 2015. It said the newer version won't have that issue. But, it does.

Please send out another update because there still is no way to exit to the main menu and then save and quit Avalon Legends Solitaire 2. And yes most of us do need it made that easy.

The game is nice otherwise.

Thank you.

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Re:Cannot exit game

[Post New]by bridie47 on Feb 6, 18 5:40 PM
on mine you click play then when the cards come up instead of playing .At the top of the screen "left" there is a ii Pause button click on that a popup will appear click on the house this will get you to the main menu then click on the x right , then asked whether you really want to yes or no click the v.
Hope this helps....Only goes up to 300

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