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Today's DD 2/7/18

[Post New]by cathybobcat on Feb 7, 18 2:30 PM
Could only tolerate this demo for 20 minutes...and that was too long. There is not anything complimentary I can say about this. You cannot click through are like a cartoon and it is hard to see items you need. There is a black bar that appears at the top of the screen telling you where you're at or what is needed, so it blocks the top where there were things needed to be done...i.e. feed the bird with an apple. There were loading scenes in abundance. You have to click and drag inventory...and placing them is very temperamental. First hos was so dark and items so small, I couldn't see many of them. AND the hint takes forever to refill. This is an extremely poorly done game and I would not want this if it was free.

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