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[Post New]by spd347 on Feb 17, 10 11:31 AM
I don't have a trainer but here are several simple recommendations:
- Always accept hunters gifts (furs) in the villages
- Don't accept spells in the villages as a payment unless you have enough gold
- There are times where you have to walk with your army back and forth and pay you army - in these cases leave your army at a castle so you don't have to pay (this helps a lot in the "Other Side" scenario)
- Buy only good items. Some of the best are: Knight's Token, Knight's shield, Knight's sword, Warlock's ring (for mages), Crossbow Radiance (to fight the undead), Crossbow "Black Shooter", Sharpshooter's bow, Lamellar Armor or Armored Mail or Coat of Mail, Hero's Helmet, The Helmet of the warrior of Light, Silver ring (adds 40% protection against Death magic, Warrior's ring, Holy scripture (30% against Death magic, Archmage's token, Icocnostasis (90% (!) against Death magic, if equipped with Crossbow Radiance, you can shoot any ghosts with that very easy), Cross staff (for bishops), Warlock's ring
- In the back line of your army have a hunter (develop into a chasseur), a lay sister (develop into enchantress), two pilgrims (develop one into a bishop, another one into an archmage) - this well balanced back line will be good to fight both regular troops and the undead. Bishop can be used to kill ghosts, he just needs one item to up his protection against death magic
- In the front line develop militia men into knights (mounted knights are very cool but more expensive - get them only if you can afford one)
- Delay upgrades of units until a big battle
- Occupy castles - they will bring income. However, don't always leave a full army there, do it only after the surroundings are clear of enemies
- Follow the quests, there is a time limit - once a big undefeatable army appears, it means you spent too much time avoiding a quest (in Ramen Kingdom in the beginning, after all quests are complete, you can leave your army in your castle and get gold from villages. Once the first enemy army appears, you can get back into your castle and fight them using the castle as protection. After you defeat that first army get out and get to the Wild Wastes scenario since there is no way to win against the second army that will appear later)

If something else comes to my mind, I will add it... Good luck!

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