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Question About Hints and "Optional" Items

[Post New]by Cricks3 on Jun 17, 10 4:45 PM
Hi, I just got this game a few days ago and am really loving it. However, I've come across two things that truly confuse me.


I understand that each time you solve one of the "optional" puzzles you are supposed to recieve an additional hint credit. Does anyone know the maximum hints you can carry? I seem to keep losing hints even though I'm not using them. I even started the game over to test the hint system. By the end of investigation 2, I had earned a total of 10 hints. I made special note of the number 10 (because this is what I was testing) and saved the game. Yet, when investigation 3 begins, I'm back down to 6 hints. Where did the other 4 go? As I stated, I did not use them. All I did was save #2 with 10 and then load #3 to discover 4 had gone with the wind.


I keep seeing in the older (2008) posts several references to skipping these optional puzzles. I love these and find them more challanging than the main puzzles but, sometimes, I just want to skip in frustration. I see so many of the new posts over the past few days complaining of NOT being able to skip. So, my question is: Can we skip them or Not and, if so, how?

Many thanks to anyone who can answer these questions for me.

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