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Today's DD 2/9/18

[Post New]by cathybobcat on Feb 9, 18 4:50 PM
The graphics are very well done creating an atmosphere that is conducive to the story. The effects are also creative. Almost felt sea sick on the boat at the beginning of the game. You can hear a storm in the background and see a tornado in the sky. It is as though you are on this island yourself exploring the different scenes.

The story is slow moving and there is more going back and forth than I would prefer. I was using the hint (which you can set to 5 seconds) because I was confused at what to do at times... and some of the tasks didn't make sense with all of the inventory to be placed. I liked placing the treasure map pieces to scenes that you have to match, but think there are only a few in this game from having looked at the Walkthrough. Wish there had been more of those.

There are more puzzles than hos, (of course) and I skipped most of them.
The first hos was very attractive, second one not as much. They were list finds mostly, but nicely done.

From the demo, this is a relaxing game and it is not overdone with a hyperactivity of tasks. It is artistically done. For the price, it is nice....and it was "a matter of time" before I decided to buy~

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