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Level 20

[Post New]by Brit1976 on Feb 10, 18 1:58 PM
Has anyone figured out how to stop the green knight destroy any buildings to get the award? Any help please.

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Re:Level 20

[Post New]by unclepaul on Apr 9, 18 2:51 PM
You can build and upgrade the worker house in the bottom left and the giant will not attack that. That will give you an extra 2 workers.

Work towards opening the invisibility altar first , that allows you to harvest more trees.
Build the barracks and with any gold at all you can attack the green giant and stop him from destroying the mill after it is rebuilt. You can also build and upgrade the other worker house and get another two workers.
Upgrade the foundry and have two men there. Mill has one man .
So long as you can keep some positive amount of gold there the soldier will stop the giant. Even when the soldier runs out of gold and walks away as soon as the next lot of gold is produced he can attack again.

Then work towards freeing up the sharp sword altar as that helps to speed up the attacks on the giant.
Finished in gold time at 4.37.

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