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Gem confirmation?

[Post New]by Trolden on Feb 11, 18 1:57 AM
Sorry In advance this has proberly been asked a mill. times. I can't find an answer anywhere. Is there a gem confirm anywhere in game? It's too easy to accidently use gems ?

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Re:Gem confirmation?

[Post New]by Valkyrie_6 on Feb 11, 18 3:15 AM

Unfortunately there is no such confirm option within the game.

I just choose not to use my gems virtually at all. My approach is a slow one, I suppose, but I have never paid a real $ to play MC. I used gems very rarely and just played the whole castle, i.e. every scene, each time I played. I am now in the process of taking myself from level 83 to 84, i.e. the 2nd half of the last update. I have taken 3 ½ years to get to that stage, but in terms of actual true hours on the game, I think I am around about 70.

All good fortune be yours with storming the castle.



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Re:Gem confirmation?

[Post New]by playingthegame on Feb 11, 18 3:42 AM
I am afraid that there is not such a feature.
All of us have accidentally "strayed" in the past and tapped the greedy little critter while it is sleeping after a meal!
This can be VERY expensive (the rainbow dragon will cost you 1440 diamonds to feed again if you do so!)
So many of us change our display pet immediately after feeding it.
I usually have my little Cook on display.
I rarely feed it but he costs only two Unique pet foods to feed if I accidentally do so at any time (and then I would of course change him for another pet until it recovers)

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