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The Puzzle Game I Have Been Searching For All Along!

[Post New]by pennmom36 on Feb 11, 18 5:49 AM
I'm a jigsaw geek and have put together thousands of physical jigsaws, I even completed the world's largest jigsaw, which comes in 4 sections, each section contains 6000 pieces. (I had to tape 4 six foot tables together just to hold one section, and had to place the puzzle pieces on several paper plates!) I started transitioning over to virtual puzzles, which are a whole lot cheaper and I never lose pieces lol. But something was just "missing" it wasn't the same. To make matters worse, most of the puzzles offered by BF are from the same dev, and they offer the same cookie cutter versions, all of which are lacking customization features, with not so thrilling pictures offered.

Well folks, all that has changed, because I finally discovered this game, Jigsaws Galore! Apparently this game was released in 1996, but I can assure you, this game is still ALIVE AND KICKING! There are 200 puzzles included in this version, but Gray Design Associates still offers upgrades, the game version is currently on version 7 as of 2017, and you can also get more puzzle packages, hundred of more puzzles, and you can capture any picture from your desktop to use as a puzzle, OR use the completed puzzles as a screensaver that puts the puzzle together, piece by piece!  See my review on the main sales page for a detailed list of features

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