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Cell #3 - Calendar Puzzle

[Post New]by JPCarol on Feb 11, 18 11:32 AM
I cannot figure out how to draw the lines with the marble chunk. I tried clicking on the points and tried dragging the marble across the lines and no response either way. Does any know the secret?
I think this may be a bug, because I got the image of the marble when I first saw the puzzle way before I ever got the marble. I really do not want t have to start over and see if it works with another profile

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Re:Cell #3 - Calendar Puzzle

[Post New]by jennsmom on Feb 27, 18 10:43 AM
I came looking to see if there was an answer to this. I'm very irritated. Game was goin along fine until this stupid chalk drawing thing. I managed to outline 4 units, then the line simply wouldn't stick. I finally skipped it, grumbling and complaining because the puzzle isn't exactly rocket science and there's no reason to have to skip it.

I hope you found an answer.


Re:Cell #3 - Calendar Puzzle

[Post New]by evensong1 on Mar 4, 18 8:09 AM
Is there no answer to this yet??? I do not want to skip such an easy one.

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