Repair dolls in HO

[Post New]by quichelorraine63 on Feb 11, 18 5:49 PM
I don't understand how to repair dolls in the hidden object puzzles.


Re:Repair dolls in HO

[Post New]by hookedonHOG on Feb 20, 18 1:55 PM
The dolls in the HOP's all have something missing, the first is its hat the second is a little red gem for its hat, I haven't gotten any further, but one item must be missing from each doll.

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Re:Repair dolls in HO

[Post New]by Majestyx12 on Mar 5, 18 11:46 AM
If you used the full tutelage it explained that you fix the dolls that have the indicator on.
The indicator is on the left of the tool bar and looks like a tile with a picture on it. The dolls are from the previous Puppetshow games and if you played them it's easier but you can still figure it out if you didn't. It's been a while since I played but I think the first one was the soldier doll and you had to put the red crystal in this cap. That's it your done with that one.

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