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easter coming

[Post New]by gvierg on Feb 12, 18 8:21 AM
hope, castle looks better then, as castle is saved, of course. no one wants to see the end of midnight castle.


Re:easter coming

[Post New]by Hufflepuff on Feb 12, 18 2:35 PM
I really hope the castle will not look like now when spring arrives!
. Last spring event was my first, I enjoyed it so much though did not have a clue to take full advantage of it.

So I long for real spring as well as spring event.

Events are the greatest for me since I figured out how to play them.
I have so much trouble to get achievements during normal play what frustrates me.

During fall and winter event I have got all achievements and was totally happy! When spring event arrives I am going to get all achievements.

Me do not want this great game ever end!

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