I enjoyed it!

[Post New]by cookiechu2 on Jun 19, 10 11:55 PM
I like the lights - a bit of the magical take me there kind of attitude. I do agree that the characters popping up were silly - but the story was enjoyable and the game just fine for a Saturday afternoon while doing the laundry!!! Oh, play it!~! Its a little challenging here and there - really just a bit of fun!

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Re:I enjoyed it!

[Post New]by gntpat on Jun 23, 10 12:01 PM
How did you find the Mayan heiroglyphs? To me they are too obscure to find. I quit the game then.


Re:I enjoyed it!

[Post New]by LeadingEdge on Jul 4, 10 10:51 PM
I agree! Quite satisfying.
The light transitions added to the magic and the music maintained the medieval tone. The creative and timely insertion of panorama was perfect to keep things from getting too routine. The mini-games were challenging and kept the gaming experience fresh. The characters popping in were a bit hokey, but their use not only kept the plot going, but also contributed to the atmosphere on several occasions.
Either the ending was abrupt or I just didn't want it to end!

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