[Post New]by lasvegas1 on Jun 20, 10 8:45 AM
I finished the game, but don't have all of the achievements. Does anyone have a list of the achievements and how to get them all? I am missing the last one one on the first row, the second and third one on the second row, and the last one on the third row. Thanks for any help!



[Post New]by hbuczek on Dec 6, 10 10:14 AM
Here are the ones I have so far...

1. Level: Basics__Task: Complete Tutorial__Prize: Apprentice
2. Level: Knights Attack__Task: Engage 3 enemies__Prize: The Defender
3. Level: The Storm__Task: Win in less than 15 minutes__Prize: Master of Time
4. Level: The Army__Task: Win in less than 15 minutes__Prize: Master Defender
5. Level: The Thunderstorm__Task: Heal 6 villagers__Prize: Healer
6. Level: Stronghold Part 2__Task: Engage 10 enemies__Prize: Army General
7: Level: The Plague__Task: Heal 6 villagers__Prize: Master Healer
8: Level: Peace and Prosper__Task: Build castle up to level 3 in less than 15 minutes__Prize: Unknown (see below)
9: I didn't find this one yet-maybe related to getting all other achievements...

There is a major glitch in the castle task. Instead of giving you 15 minutes, they only give you 1 minute. I managed to build the castle by running around collecting all the resources then selling the extras. I accomplished the task two times, and each time, the time kept going and ended up showing "failed", even though I built the castle to level 3 under 1 minute.

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