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Welcome to Capitalism II forum

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Jun 18, 08 5:53 PM
Welcome to Capitalism II forum! This is your place to ask questions, share tips, and connect with other Capitalism II players.

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Re:Welcome to Capitalism II forum

[Post New]by mfbetancourt on Nov 27, 10 1:36 PM

Two questions, please:

1. The tutorial mention a "manual". Where and how can I locate or read that manual?

2. Sometimes the text of the tutorial does not show complete... It appears truncated. How can I fix that problem?

I like very much this game and I had leraned a lot with it.



Re:Welcome to Capitalism II forum

[Post New]by someuser on Dec 21, 11 3:38 PM

This question is one year old but it might still turn up in search results for new purchasers of Capitalism II, so here's my own experience:

(1) The manual:
For me, the manual was inside the game folder. So you can either search for "Capitalism_Manual.pdf" on your pc and it should show up... or you can go to the folder by right clicking the Capitalism II icon and choose "open path" and you will be right inside the Capitalism II folder where the manual should be...

If it's not on your computer, I uploaded it to Mediafire (no problem). Hope it's okay with the copyright holders... guys, only download it if you bought the game!

(2) The missing text:
I have the same missing text-problem on a Windows Vista 32-bit. Running the application in compatibility modes for Windows 95, 98, XP does not solve the problem.

I found out that the text is not missing from the tutorial files ( in .res format, they can be opened with notepad) so the problem is somewhere else.

I then found out that Ubisoft issued a patch for the game back in 2009 (Bigfish version of the game is from 2008), but this patch wont install on my pc because no "no correct version" of Capitalism II is installed on my pc. Must be the Bigfish installation messing things up!

Since the tutorial is a huge part of the game, this is practically broken software so long as this problem remains unfixed. I will contact Bigfish Games and make them a little bit more aware of this problem (and ask for compensation or something!).

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