Level 58 Walkthrough

[Post New]by frankandcathy on Feb 14, 18 4:41 PM
1.Click in this order: Three grain harvest, two upper well water, 2 upper trees, "speed spell" Wait until worker is free. Click another water well and the last top tree. Wait until 2 succubi are present and click scare enemy spell.
2. Build 2 houses. Collect two lower left trees, two well waters, harvest 3 crops.
3. Build another house. Click last two trees on bottom right and click two wells. Click three harvest crops. Spell to defeat succubi.
4. Build Druid Temple. Click one crop, three waters. Add one worker to temple. Click three wells again and two crops.
5. Click three waters again. Succubi appear. Succubi spell then freeze spell. Two more water wells. Tree spell. Begin collecting gold. About halfway through gold collection, three more waters. Succubi spell. More waters and trees. Three food. Build sawmill. Activate speed spell. Two more waters, all trees, three food.
6. Build foundry. More waters and food. Succubi spell. Remove worker from sawmill when done milling.
7.Use all available workers: one in foundry, collect gold repeatedly. Succubi spell. Two waters. Upgrade all houses once. (Speed spell during water collection.)
8. Three waters again. Freeze spell/tree spell again. Upgrade sawmill level 2. Three waters. Add two workers to sawmill. Tree harvesting. Succubi spell. Upgrade houses again.
9. Harvest 3 crops, 3 waters. Freeze spell/harvest trees spell. Three waters. Succubi spell. Speed spell. Upgrade sawmill level 3. Harvest crops. Upgrade sawmill level 4. Add 4 workers. Harvest trees. Waters/crops again. Upgrade foundry to level 2. Upgrade druid temple to level 2. Succubi spell. Continue upgrading buildings and remove workers from sawmill when complete and add to druid temple. Keep collecting water/crops/upgrading until level is complete.

Copied from Gamewitch Wertvoll video on youtube.

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Re:Level 58 Walkthrough

[Post New]by geminijane on Feb 18, 18 7:08 PM
I tried this (recorded it so I'd get it in right order), but it doesn't work for me. First of all, the succubi appear too fast, which throws everything else off timing-wise. I wish it had. Every time I go through the level, I end up short on gold.

Any other ideas out there?


Re:Level 58 Walkthrough

[Post New]by Gitty101 on Feb 22, 18 9:02 AM
Please, tell me what the druid temple does. I build it everytime, but I don't really know what it is improving.

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Re:Level 58 Walkthrough

[Post New]by barnum1 on Feb 24, 18 12:38 PM
If you put a worker in it, the druid temple makes mana and gives a shortcut for delivering it.

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