13th skull CE crashed

[Post New]by DarkQuartz on Feb 15, 18 5:38 AM
13th skull crashed and took my laptop's hard drive with it.

It started with just lagging - when I'd move around it would take a few seconds to load up a new screen. I didn't think much of it, though I'm not used to my laptop lagging on games. I got to the end, and unlocked the pirate ship area, then the lag got worse. It would take a few minutes to load up a screen in some cases, so I closed out my browser and discord before resuming. When I shot the harpoon to the next ship though, I waited five minutes for the load in, and nothing would work.

Went back to my desktop to try to open device manager so I could see what was going on. I got a 'microsoft windows isn't responding' error after waiting for my computer to load properly, and 13th skull's noise was going in the background until then. Laptop then completely froze up, and I had to shut it down. When I tried to restart it, Windows wouldn't load, so I ran an hp diagnostic, and it couldn't read my hard drive at all.

Now, I owned this game years ago, and it ran fine on 7 - same with Dire Grove. I know Dire Grove no longer works on 10, my laptop is/was a 10, and I bought 13th skull new yesterday since I lost my old stuff (memory issues, losing accounts is a regular thing). I didn't have a problem with my laptop until I installed and played it yesterday, too. I would like to know if this is a common thing for Windows 10 and mystery case files before I buy a new laptop with 13th skull so I don't install it on the new one.

Also, does the big fish games thing keep my game progress saved like steam does for some games? I was right at the end =(

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Re:13th skull CE crashed

[Post New]by WilJul on Mar 3, 18 4:51 PM
Oh woah! This forum is full of posts complaining that 13th Skull won't play or crashes on newer OS', but I haven't seen anywhere where it's crashed a hard drive. My advice is, if you're using a new OS, don't download it!!!

As for your other questions, I do not have the answers, you may want to contact Customer Support directly. You should probably do that anyway, to get a coupon for a new game.

Also, always check the download page when buying an older game to make sure it's still compatible with your new OS.

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