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Today's DD 2/17/18

[Post New]by cathybobcat on Feb 17, 18 2:33 PM
Although there are an overabundance of puzzles in this game (I counted 44 in the Walkthrough), I am impressed with the graphics and overall game play that flowed very well. You are not overwhelmed with collecting inventory and going back and forth too much. It is kept to a minimum of a few scenes at a time. The hint transport is very helpful and you can choose easy or hard difficulty on the puzzles, and all of the puzzles that I came across in the demo can be skipped (and I did skip many of them). I am sure that you can skip all of them throughout the game.

I completed the entire demo which was of a generous amount of time. I really liked the graphics in this....bright colors and they have a richness to them. Hos (which are not that many, unfortunately) were well done. There were a few animals to tend to, which was fine....a parrot, cat, and a dog...a nice addition, adding some variety. It was nice being able to shoot off a few locks with a gun instead of having to hunt for keys. Story held my interest. You have time to enjoy the scenery and what you are doing. Some of the mini games were ok, but this entire demo would have been much better if there hadn't been so many of them. I am sure that the entire game would be better without the excessive amount of them.

I will be taking advantage of this DD today. There isn't much you can get today for $2.99, so why not?

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